Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mah family

Something I did a while ago. I drew some members of my family.
I like using shapes as noses. I think I will continue to do this forever. Yes forever seems like a good enough time... uhh maybe.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Know You're not a Pigeon

This is another piece of acting we had to do it Flash class. I find Flash CS5 hard to work in. This is because building a character becomes a lot more complicated. There are a number ways I find Toon Boom  a much more effective program to tackle these sorts of animation. I believe this is because I was trained how to digitally animate in Toon Boom first, to the switch over to Flash is somewhat jarring for me... Even though I've spent about the same amount of time on both now. I'll probably be stuck with Flash more so then Toon Boom so I better get to like loving it soon.

My Character this time around is a character I'm actually going to be using for an animated online comic book I plan on start making when I have time to spare... and perhaps my own website to post it on that isn't blogger. I'll save the story for that, but that's roughly what he's going to look like. Peers have told me that he looks like Lucas from Mother 3 by Nintendo. Which I wasn't reeeeally going for. I wanted him to look like a young tanned Link... Who plays soccer.

This is also my first shot doing a quick line of dialog. My facial acting and construction are a little better. But I don't think my animation is top notch here. There is a lot I know I messed up on. I really plan to kick it into high gear in the next one, and hopefully I can fix this character build up so I can use him effectively in my animated comic book.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Clash at Demon Head

So this is an animation where we had to animate a character from a live action movie. Not really that genra, but using real people as video referance. I choose Scott Pilgram vs The World. This clip is where Julie (a very side character) is introduced.
I love how sarcastic she is.
However now that I finished Mikki told me where I could add a nice eye roll. Which I'm kinda upset that I didn't put in.
The reason her mouth dissappears half way through is because next week we're gonna learn how to do dope sheets for lip sync. So I will re-post this once I have finsihed that an her mouth matches up.
The hair bounce at the end makes me very happy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Alot

This is my version of a creature that famous Allie made. She envisions this creature whenever anyone misspells "a lot" as "alot". Making it a noun instead discribing the amount of something. You can read about the Alot here.
You can also buy a shirt of the Alot from her here. I totally would love an Alot T-shirt.

I might work on it a little bit more when I have some spare time to punch up some of the anatomy and the fur.

For this Alot I decided to moddafiy it a bit so that it has turtle and deer parts... and other things. The background was simple because I found a photo and then modifidy it to look like I painted it... so I hope nobody talks about it.


Here is my Yellow Airplane. As apposed to a yellow submarien I suppose.
This is of course my first attempt at digitailly painting a vehical. Pretty good overall I think, Not terribly much I'm not happy with.
It's suppose to be like a kart plane, one that you would find in one of those kart racing games. So i enjoy it looking rather simple and the seating being huge.

Two interesting things that people have told me. First, Blake told me that my digital painting are usually muddy. Which is sorta true. I switch between a hard pixel brush and and soft pixel brush with low flow pretty often. When I blend my colours I switch to my soft pixel brush which I like a lot... but it does tend to leave my edges looks quite muddy. Paniting this plane was a bit of a challenge in that regard because I couldn't leave it looking muddy or else I would loose the metalic effect.
The second is something my life drawing teacher told me. He said that there are two types off ways od drawing; anialitical, and expressive. He said that my way off drawing is quite a bit heavy on the expressive side and to improve I would need to combine it with a more aninlitcal side of drawing. I thought that this painting would be a good way to combine both sides of anialitical drawing and my heavy expressive drawing. I don't think that I combine the two that well thought. My plane still looks a fbit too flowy and not solid enoungh. I think I would have prefured it looking more solid.

For colours, I looked up different things I could do with yellow. I had actually found a couple of interesting different things people did with a solid colour on vehical. On certain angles the colour switchs to couple notches around the colour. So in certain spots I switched it from yellow to brown and orange. It gives it an intersting look.